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Dan Hosier

The executive team here at Montgomery does two things extremely well. We develop skilled, entrepreneurial agents — and then we get out of their way.

As an independent insurance company, we work for our agents and our agents work for you. That’s our chain of command. That’s why we carefully cultivate our agents to be professional, detailed, organized and responsive — and to be world-class listeners. When a Montgomery agent meets with you to review your insurance needs, he or she always has the necessary resources, market intelligence and industry expertise at hand. And your best interests in mind.

In fact, each of our seasoned agents has the power of 100 insurance partners at his or her fingertips, a solutions marketplace that helps link you with the right coverage at the best price. That’s why our discovery process is so comprehensive. We assess your insurance needs for coverage, fit, depth and pricing, all designed to ensure you receive the very best protection at the greatest possible value. Our agents are problem solvers. They are solution finders.

Unlike conventional insurance companies, Montgomery also prepare sits agents to be business managers with a great deal of autonomy. He or she can instantly connect with our claims department, loss control services, claim analysis tools, OSHA logs, industry trends and more, all with an eye on safety, cost and your overall insurance goals.

And there is certainly something to be said about putting a face to a name — an actual human from our Delaware Valley neighborhoods — rather than a hollow telephone voice or, worse, a robot, when it comes to managing your critical insurance needs. Your insurance strategy should be uniquely yours. We expect your needs and decisions to be personal, customized and value-rich. A successful outcome can only take place when both client and agent are engaged in a relationship and passionate about the result.

Your agent may talk to you about umbrella protection. While you may be familiar with the generic term of bundling — linking home and auto insurance is most common — our umbrellas can often be unconventional. Motorcycle and life insurance? Classic car insurance and financial planning?  Whatever your unique requirements, your agent can work with you to create the umbrella coverage you need at a price you can afford.

Your Montgomery agent also has the flexibility to change your policies as your circumstances do. From the start of your relationship, your insurance strategy is always monitored and evaluated for efficiency and subject to change with your needs. That works, as well, with shifts in the insurance industry when new laws or regulations surface that may impact your coverage or premiums.

Empowered with unlimited resources and company support, there’s virtually no insurance challenge aMontgomery agent can’t solve. With your faith and trust, your agent will work together with you to create a personal insurance portfolio that addresses and manages the unique risks you face on a daily basis.  Call us today at 610-565-8280 for an introduction to your local Montgomery agent.

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Why Montgomery?

From the start of your relationship with a Montgomery agent, your insurance strategy is always monitored, always evaluated for efficiency and always subject to a cost-effective adjustment when needed.  It’s why our clients — our friends and neighbors in the Delaware Valley — have invested their trust and faith in us for more than 75 years.

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