Why it’s time to have the life insurance conversation

There’s a time-honored expression that says life insurance is for the living. That it’s not about you. That it’s about caring for your loved ones with the financial security they deserve long after you've passed on.

Montgomery offers a different perspective on life insurance. That it is about you, too, and that the decisions you make in the here-and-now are just as important as their impact in the hereafter. 

Let’s first step back. Purchasing life insurance can be stressful. Otherwise responsible adults procrastinate on making decisions on life insurance, colonoscopies and gym memberships perhaps more than any other events. In fact, according to a recent report by Statista, a German research and database company, just 54% of Americans own life insurance.

Why the low number? The Statista report claims Americans object to the cost and need for life insurance. But Montgomery believes there are other issues at work here because life insurance is such an emotionally-charged subject.  Nobody likes to ponder death. Nobody wants to envision their families going forward without them. And so, we just stop thinking about it.

Your Montgomery agent believes that planning for life insurance is an art rather than a science. Your agent knows that each client has unique needs, goals and financial boundaries. In his or her discovery process, your agent will outline the different forms of life insurance — such as Term, Permanent, Whole, Universal and Variable — and then work with you to align your needs and budget to the policy and terms that offer the best fit.  

As your agent walks you through this discussion, you’ll come to three realizations:

  • I need life insurance.
  • I can afford life insurance.
  • This is not as uncomfortable as I thought!

You will also see that your independent Montgomery agent manages the discussion in a patient, thoughtful and personal manner. You will learn your agent has access to dozens of partners that provide excellent life insurance options. All your questions will be answered. Different solutions will be bandied about. And the entire conversation will move at your pace.

In the end, life insurance is about caring for your loved ones and meeting your responsibilities. It’s also about taking the financial pressure off your family and sparing them from tough decisions should you suddenly pass. 

Life insurance buys time for your family to plan. It provides the cash they need to manage funeral expenses, pay off debts, pay estate taxes, help fund college educations and, perhaps, downsize to a smaller home. Benefits from life insurance offer your family options and financial security they may not otherwise have. 

See how life insurance can become the cornerstone of sound financial planning — and even create a source of savings in the process. Contact Montgomery today at 610-565-8280 to learn more.

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Why Montgomery?

From the start of your relationship with a Montgomery agent, your insurance strategy is always monitored, always evaluated for efficiency and always subject to a cost-effective adjustment when needed.  It’s why our clients — our friends and neighbors in the Delaware Valley — have invested their trust and faith in us for more than 75 years.

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