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Flood Insurance: Lessons Learned from Superstorm Sandy

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Almost exactly six months ago, the east coast was rocked by the catastrophe of Superstorm Sandy. Many people lost their homes, had there businesses wrecked, and even towns were torn asunder by the destruction it wrought. It was truly a horrifying incident for anyone touched by it. Now with spring beginning, it’s time to start preparing for the possibility of flooding once again. However, we can be more prepared, as we learn many valuable lessons from Sandy.

Homeowners’ Insurance: Sinkhole Coverage

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Most people by now are aware of sinkholes due to the horrible accident in Florida that swallowed up a man in his sleep this year. Only a few days ago another sinkhole claimed 3 vehicles and injured a person in Chicago. These may seem like freak incidents and would never happen to you. It’s easy to skip over the sinkhole endorsement when purchasing your homeowners policy with that same logic; it will never happen to you and is a waste of money. However this is not the case.

Insuring your Jewelry

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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and with Valentine’s Day comes flowers,
and chocolates, and, more importantly jewelry.But once the gifts are
opened, and the excitement has passed, is that jewelry protected? You
may not be as covered as you believe you are.

Insuring your Life – Why you Should Consider It

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Have you considered insuring your life but hesitated to stretch the family budget to accommodate another bill? Life is unpredictable, and your death could leave your family in financial turmoil, so it’s vital you assume the worst will happen – because it could. By taking precautionary measures now you may help to alleviate any possible financial stress your death could cause your loved ones in the future. 

The Value of Good Health & Insuring your Life

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For Philadelphia residents, buying insurance coverage for your life
should be given as much consideration as other insurance coverage, such
as your car and your home. Typically this type of insurance is purchased
to help prevent your death leaving your loved ones in financial
turmoil. Although insuring your life is a smart idea, being proactive
and aiming to live a long and healthy life is far better than sitting
back and letting the future take care of itself.

Insurance for First Home Buyer

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Are you a first-home buyer? Buying a Pennsylvania house can be an
exciting event, and a huge investment, perhaps the biggest you’ll ever
make, so it’s crucial to protect that investment with insurance.
Although your budget may be tight after outlaying such a substantial
amount, don’t be tempted to delay purchasing insurance. Consider how
you’d feel if your new home was destroyed by a fire and you were left
with a piece of land, a pile of ashes and a decades long mortgage.

Your Vacation May Affect your Pennsylvania Home Insurance

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There are many reasons why a house is left unoccupied for a long period
of time, including the owners have left on an extended holiday, the
house is only used during holiday breaks, or the house is on the market
and the owners have already moved out. Did you know leaving your
Pennsylvania property unoccupied could affect your home insurance

Locating a Misplaced Life Insurance Policy

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When a loved one dies, you might know that they had a life insurance
policy, but you can’t find the paperwork. There are several ways you may
begin your search. Try contacting the insurance company the deceased
used for any other coverage they might have had, or if you know the
agent your loved one dealt with, check directly with them. If you don’t
know of a specific company, it might be a good idea to ask your loved
one’s employer, or the leadership at any associations they belonged to.

Are You Counting On Your Employer to Provide Life Insurance?

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One of the casualties of the high unemployment rate in America is life
insurance. Workers in America who were dependent on their employers for
life insurance, just like health insurance, lost the insurance when they
lost their jobs. You may be collecting unemployment while you look for
another job. You may be using some of your savings to make ends meet.
The family budget may be tight, but life insurance is important. What
would happen to your family in the event you died suddenly and
unexpectedly? You may be surprised at how inexpensive Philadelphia life
insurance can be. This may be a good time to check with your agent on a
policy to provide financial protection for your family.

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