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Most people by now are aware of sinkholes due to the horrible accident in Florida that swallowed up a man in his sleep this year. Only a few days ago another sinkhole claimed 3 vehicles and injured a person in Chicago. These may seem like freak incidents and would never happen to you. It’s easy to skip over the sinkhole endorsement when purchasing your homeowners policy with that same logic; it will never happen to you and is a waste of money. However this is not the case.
Roughly 35 to 40 percent of the entire United States is susceptible to sinkhole collapse. Sinkholes are a natural part of the Pennsylvania landscape, especially in central and eastern parts of the state. In fact, Pennsylvania is one of the top seven states where sinkhole collapse occurs.
Recently I had one of our agents look into sinkhole collapse, and found that you can get coverage for as little as $150, final pricing however, is subject to underwriter review. The threat of sinkhole collapse in Pennsylvania is very real, so make sure you are prepared. Call an agent today to get more information and make sure you and your home are covered. I have attached a map of known areas that are prone to sinkholes, but they are not limited to these areas.

Pennsylvania_Sinkhole web.jpg

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