Your Pennsylvania Insurance Coverage and Mold

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Whether or not mold damage is covered by your Pennsylvania insurance may be something you’re uncertain about. While most problems with mold are excluded from your homeowner’s insurance policy this doesn’t necessarily mean all claims will be automatically dismissed. Often it comes down to the source of the moisture that created the mold problem. However wherever possible the best thing to do is to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

  • Add a mold inspection to your list of household things you check once a year. Mold starts small, and at this point it may be easily resolved.
  • Potentially damp areas in your home should be regularly checked these include crawl spaces, bathrooms, around window frames and the kitchen.
  • One of the biggest concerns regarding a mold outbreak is the potential for associated health problems. In the majority of cases mold causes no real health issues but it may adversely affect immune impaired people, particularly people with respiratory problems.

Left to flourish, mold may end up being a widespread problem, becoming expensive to remove and clean up. To be absolutely certain you have coverage against mold damage, a separate Pennsylvania insurance policy specifically providing protection against mold damage may be available. Ask your insurance agent for more information about this coverage.


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