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When your employees are on the job, anything can go wrong, so make sure everyone is protected with our reliable Disability Insurance PA can trust!

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In today’s society, it is important to not only work hard, but do what you love. However, with the economy fluctuating constantly, sometimes you can’t always get your top pick. This is why many employees look for jobs with great benefits. But what if due to injury, an employee has to be out of work, especially after the most recent storms?

According to The Delaware County Times, although many dangerous incidents happened to residents across the state, the efforts of all who played a role in Hurricane Irene emergency response operations were give thanks by council at a recent meeting.

Brian Lank, emergency operations center coordinator and a township public works foreman, accepted accolades on behalf of everyone who worked tirelessly in responding to the effects of the severe weather and to ensure the safety of residents.

“It was hard work for a lot of folks,” said Lank, pointing out that the volunteers had families at home to be concerned about, yet they stayed “and got the job done with little sleep and a lot of coffee.”

Support also came from Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades, Elwyn, PennDOT, Lima Methodist Church, and neighboring communities. “Everyone performed their job admirably,” said Fire Service Liaison/Councilman Norman Shropshire. “I’m just proud to be a part of this community.”

At Montgomery Insurance Services Inc., we are dedicated to providing your company with protective services. What if an employee has to be out for a couple weeks due to an injury, do you have the proper benefits in place? Once you team up with us, you will have superior disability insurance PA workers can trust!

The need for disability insurance may be greater than you realize, and it’s not a responsibility you should simply toss aside. Although worker’s compensation is required by law to be provided to your employees, disability insurance is not required in every state.

We have many options for comprehensive long term disability lines to best suit your needs. Disability insurance policies provide replacement income for you during the time an employee is unable to work.

At Montgomery Insurance, we can adjust disability coverages to meet your changing needs, help secure monthly payments to safeguard an employee’s standard of living, and protect your financial future while providing excellent coverages. So let us give you peace of mind knowing you, your business, and employees are all protected with our reliable disability insurance in PA!

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